Edinburgh Pathology

Dr Chris Bellamy

Reader in Hepatic and Renal Pathology

+44 (0)131 242 7510


Department of Pathology

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Edinburgh BioQuarter

51 Little France Crescent

Edinburgh EH16 4SA


Current Research

I specialise in kidney and liver histopathology, including transplantation pathology and developments thereof. Present interests cover a variety of topics including recognition of antibody mediated rejection in liver transplants, and the phenotypes of macrophages in kidney and liver allografts, together with new approaches to evaluating such multiplex data.


•To identify biomarkers important in the development of liver cancer.

•To identify biomarkers important for liver & kidney allograft disease.

•To develop multispectral imaging technology to improve prognosis & diagnosis by allowing multicomponent analysis on clinical biopsy material.

Group Members

Members Name   Role Telephone Email

Dr Sandrine Prost    

Senior Lecturer     Email Sandrine Prost

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Selected Publications

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