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Round 8 - Spring 2021

Projects funded in round eight of the Community Grants Scheme.

About Youth, Community Grant recipient
About Youth, Community Grant recipient

Arts in Tongues! (Starcatchers Productions Ltd)

Starcatchers and Theatre Sans Accents in partnership with Bilingualism Matters will celebrate the diversity of Edinburgh with a series of short engaging films and linked pop-up play sessions in local communities. Aimed at early years children and their families, diverse artists based in Edinburgh will share their cultural and linguistic heritage through sensory creative activities.


Arts on prescription and art therapy for vulnerable men (Art in Healthcare)

Room for Art is an art and social prescribing project with the aim of improving health and wellbeing. They deliver physical and virtual art session to vulnerable adults in areas of multiple deprivation in Edinburgh. This project specifically addresses a gap in our engagement, by encouraging men in particular to participate.


Black Lives Matter–1 year on (The Salisbury Centre)

A collaboration between the Salisbury Centre and BlackED Movement, one year on from the Black Lives Matter protests, to include a series of awareness raising and dialogue events, an art exhibition, and wellbeing sessions.


Bright Horizons! Inclusive participation in recovery & lockdown lifting (Grassmarket Community Project)

The project will support vulnerable adults to participate in community activities, enjoying the rich history, environment and community that Edinburgh and surrounding areas offer. Walking, talking and learning together, people will receive support to reconnect, make friends and navigate social changes to enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle and cohesive community.


Citizen (Tollcross Community Action Network (T.C.A.N.))

The Tollcross Community Action Network will work with Edinburgh International Book Festival and a writer-in-residence. The creative work that emerges will underpin events at the Book Festival (August 2021) and help community members – from pupils to pensioners – grow in confidence, feel less isolated and engage in our neighbourhood.


Nuture in Nature - Summer 2021 Programme (Edinburgh Young Carers)

A summer holiday programme of outdoor activities designed to support young carers to become more familiar with opportunities and locations in their local community. The project will build their understanding of science and nature, while having fun and enjoying a break from their caring responsibilities. 


Perinatal Wellbeing Project (Kin Collective Family Wellbeing CIC)

The Perinatal Wellbeing Project will deliver a mix of peer support groups and wellbeing workshops to support new and expectant parents physical, emotional and mental health in pregnancy and postpartum. The aim of the project is to improve parental wellbeing and to postively impact perinatal mental health.


Positive Imagining (Rowanbank Environmental Arts & Education)

Positive Imaginings is an exciting and ground-breaking outdoor show, co-created by professional theatre makers, environmental educators and children to address the climate emergency for a young audience in an informative, meaningful, and positive way. The show will be performed for the first time to coincide with COP26 in November 2021.


Provision of Free-Swimming Lessons to Disadvantaged Children and Young People (Evolution Swim School CIC)

Evolution Swim will provide free swimming lessons to socially and economically disadvantaged children and young people (CYP) in the areas around Edinburgh that they operate in. Through the provision of swimming lessons, they will not only teach a life skill, but also help with physical and social development.  


SCOREscotland Young Programmers Group  (Edinburgh Art Festival)

Young Programmers provides a rich framework for SCOREscotland’s young people to work with Edinburgh Art Festival year-round. Working alongside University partners, participants see art work, meet artists, and create responses, whilst learning about Scotland's relationship to slavery and ongoing injustices and celebrating the power of expression, identities and hopes for diversity and equality.


Sunny’s Kitchen, a place to eat, a space to meet (The Ridge SCIO)

A free, 3 course meal available to the community in Dunbar once a week. Where possible, they use donated food diverted from landfill, as well as produce from their community garden. They are based in the café at local community centre and the option to host it is offered to local hospitality traders.


Supporting Children’s Wellbeing and Learning (St Mary’s Leith Primary School Parent Council)

This project aims to utilise University expertise and role models to provide programme of activities with new resources to help children overcome anxiety about returning to school. It will support their wellbeing and r e-engagement with learning after two years of Covid-related disruption, with a focus on collaborative learning experiences and emotional literacy.


Translating the Feeling Good App into Polish (FENIKS: Counselling, Personal Development and Support Services Ltd)

FENIKS will translate the Feeling Good App into Polish and make it available free to the Polish community in Edinburgh and Lothians. The app is an established, evidence-based wellbeing programme, aiming to reduce depression and anxiety. The translation will help reduce the mental health inequalities affecting the local Polish community.


Young People’s Food Truck Project (Edinburgh Food Social)

Foodtruck is a 6-10 week programme where in the final week the young participants serve people food they have cooked from the organisations food truck. Participants will learn the basics of cooking, menu planning, cooking/serving the public, allergens and costings. They will also build their confidence, learn how to work as a team and get food to take home every week.