Edinburgh Local

Round 13 - Autumn 2023

Projects funded in round 13 of the Community Grants Scheme.

Project Light, Survivors of Human Trafficking 

Evidence shows the link between human trafficking and homelessness to be significant. This project will build resilience amongst homeless people to know how to stay safe, it will identify potential victims and provide support and advocacy to those recovered, reducing the risk of re-trafficking.


Teaching Inclusive Sex Education, Sexpression

A student led UK registered charity who enable the discussion of sex and relationships in a safe and open environment in local secondary schools across Edinburgh as well as across University Campus. Promoting respect and empowerment, encourage informed decision and are religiously and politically independent.


Our Wee Havens, The Wee Haven Youth Project 

Delivering weekly youth sessions for young people aged 11-17, with a focus on health and wellbeing, with the overall purpose of improving mental health for young people adversely affected by poverty. This will include a wide range of activities including; mindfulness, nature walks, educational workshops, healthy food, physical activities, tips for stress relief, connection and friendship.


Ripple on the Road - Keeping Our Older People Mobile, Connected and in Charge, The Ripple Project 

Supporting weekly shopping trips with transportation for older people in the community, who would otherwise struggle to continue shopping for themselves. Enabling older people to access a wider range of shops offering better value for money and choices.


Bridgend Crisis Response, Bridgend Farmhouse 

Research to provide a deeper understanding of how to tackle poverty in EH16/17 resulting in a participatory budgeting event and practical project delivery. Partnerships with schools, community link workers and local organisations to engage more hard to reach local families who are being affected by the cost of living crisis.


Edinburgh Pride Youth Space 2024, Canongate Youth

Edinburgh Pride Youth Space provides a safe, inclusive, and fun festival space for LGBTQ+ young people to express themselves, celebrate and come together. The event will be coproduced with young people and will include youth music performances, information and advice stalls, workshops, food and creative activities.


West Lothian School Bank
West Lothian School Bank
Transition P7 to S1 May 2024, The Schoolbank West Lothian 

Supporting our volunteers who support our work, to support unpaid carers in West Lothian will make a huge difference to many people. It enables people to access support who otherwise could not - be it due to transport barriers to attend activities; access emotional support from an unpaid resource (students completing placements) or peer support from someone who 'gets it'; and those that volunteers


West Lothian Women's Aid, West Lothian Woman's Aid

The project aims to provide emergency support to women and their accompanying children and young people. The funding will be used to contribute to the total costs of essential transport costs (to enable women and children to get to a place of safety and to support them to engage with our activities and services), emergency voucher aid (for food and clothing) and towards interpretation costs for women that face the additional barrier of being unable to speak English


Craigmillar Comic Club, Craigmillar Literacy Trust 

Welcome to Craigmillar Comic Club! This is a fantastic way for children aged 8-12 to build their confidence, improve their wellbeing, get creative and discover the power of books and stories in an accessible and fun space.


Job Support for neurodiverse women and those experiencing multiple barriers to employment, Smart Works Scotland 

The project supports unemployed, disadvantaged women, by giving them the confidence and skills to secure employment, reach their potential and transform their lives. By training volunteers dressers and coaches, to better understand neurodiversity and intersectionality, will provide a high standard of support, a positive experience and better outcomes for women facing barriers to employment.