Edinburgh Local

Round 7 - Autumn 2020

Projects funded in round seven of the Community Grants Scheme.

Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre project
Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre project

Big Hearts Memories Volunteers (Big Hearts Community Trust)

Big Hearts Memories Volunteers will engage Edinburgh University students as social history volunteers for the organisation. Volunteers will research and create engaging reminiscence content and materials to support the charity's remote and face to face work with isolated older people, including those living with dementia, across South West Edinburgh.


Digital provisions for Cheyne Gang’s ‘Sing to Breathe’ (The Cheyne Gang)

In order to ensure that their members can remain supported, healthy and engaged during the Covid-19 pandemic, The Cheyne Gang wish to increase their online presence. This grant is enabling them to deliver their singing classes and meetings online and continue their worki n improving lung health for their members.


More than Meals on Wheels (Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre)

Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre would like to continue provide a service in response to Covid-19 to help mitigate the impact on their local community. Their project will put young people at the heart of it as they come together to support the most vulnerable, whilst breaking down community divisions and improving community safety.


Older People’s Digital Community Connecting Project (Pilmeny Development Project)

PDP Older People’s Digital Community Connecting Projectseeks to address the digital divide, social isolation and loneliness of older people in Leith, exacerbated by Covid-19, by increasing their digital literacy. They will organise digital learning and support sessions, develop large print/visual information and develop a sustainable volunteer skill-sharing network.


DigitALL Homework Club (Re-Act: Refugee Action Scotland)

DigitALl Homework Club is an after-school project supporting New Scot Children in P3-6 with Maths and English Learning. The online suport of trained University of Edinburgh volunteer tutors addresses educational barriers at a critical age: boosting the skills needed to engage with the wider curriculum, and with social integration. 


Primary to High School Creative Writing Workshops (Super Power Agency)

The Super Power Agency’s Primary to High School Creative Writing Workshops are aimed at helping P7 pupils deal with the transition from primary to high school through creative writing and connecting with volunteers. This activity is repeated during the pupils’ first year of high school, aimed at helping them acclimatise to their new school.


Our Gracemount (Transition Edinburgh South)

Our Gracemount will work with the Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, students and staff from the University, local people and organisations to run volunteering opportunities on site, gather information and proposals to develop the Mansion, Stable Block, community garden, and green spaces for the benefit of the local community.


Friends for the future mentoring project (U-Evolve)

The ‘Friends for the future’ mentoring project will pair University volunteers (staff, final year/post-grad students with an interest in mental health) with young people who have used U-evolve services. This mentoring relationship will support the young person to maintain good wellbeing and resilience and reach positive destinations in the future.  


INC U (Edinburgh City Youth Café (6VT Youth Café)) 

INC U is a youth support service for lonely and isolated young people who need extra help to get involved and participate in youth services, such as 6VT Youth Cafe or other groups in their own communities.