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Covid-19 projects

Projects that have been funded to specifically respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Venchie Children and Young People's Project
Food distribution by Venchie Children and Young People's Project

Community Meal Delivery Partnership (Scran Academy)

Scran Academy Community Meals partnership aims to deliver 1000's of  nutritious and free meals across Edinburgh’s most vulnerable communities in North Edinburgh. A team of highly experienced chefs are being supported by enthusiastic young people who have been attending the Scran Academy’s young people’s development programme.


Computer Delivery Project (People Know How)

Covid-19 has interrupted the organisations usual in-person support. They have adapted, replacing one-to-one and group-support forchildren, young people and adults with online and telephone support. Partnering with local charities and businesses, they are delivering computers to vulnerable families across Edinburgh and East Lothian to support them to accessonline support and learning.


Emergency Food Service (Venchie Children & Young People's Project)

The Venchie is one of Edinburgh’s oldest children projects: in response to COVID-19 they have established an Emergency Food Project which is cooking and delivering 600 meals a day, six days a week to some of the most financially vulnerable families in Craigmillar who are suffering from food poverty. 


Sounds right! Making a noise for carer wellbeing  (Carers of East Lothian)

CoEL will work with social enterprise 'Music for Wellness' to host a series of six workshops for unpaid carers looking after loved ones with a long-term illness or disability. The workshops will use music-based activities to help carers relieve stress and relax in a safe and supportive social environment.


South Edinburgh Mutual Support  (Bridgend Farmhouse)

During this Covid-19 emergency,  this project aims to reach out to the most vulnerable members of their local community through Facebook and other digital media, and by telephone, to offer them food, learning, social opportunities and friendly support. They plan to build a South Edinburgh Mutual Support network of community resilience.



If you would like to support more projects like this, you can donate to the University's Covid-19 Partnerships Fund.