Edinburgh Local

Round 11 - Autumn 2022

Projects funded in round 11 of the Community Grants Scheme.

Portobello Free Lesson Swim Camp, Evolution Swim 

Free swimming lessons for a diverse group of children and young people aged 5-14, in and around the Portobello area, providing an opportunity to learn to swim that they may never have had. Participants will also be more socially connected, develop communication skills and improve physical and mental health. 


Family Café and Recipe Bags, Home-Start East Lothian 

A safe space where families can discuss budget friendly meals with a recipe bag available. Run after school to allow older children to attend, there will be snacks for the whole family. Families will be supported to explore how they can stretch their food budgets while reducing the feelings of isolation and improving mental health. 


‘Nurture in Nature’ Tweeddale Transition Project, Branching Upwards 

Groups of identified young people aged 11-13 years will receive support through the introduction of self-regulation strategies, use of mindfulness and opportunities to engage in self-directed woodland activities. 


Tackling Needle-Phobia with Art Therapy, Teapot Trust 

Peer art therapy for groups of children and young people who suffer from chronic conditions in Edinburgh and Fife. The groups will focus on overcoming needle-phobia, a common challenge amongst those with a chronic condition. The project will result in an exhibition, showcasing the artwork created. 


Drop in Provision for Young People, Wester Hailes Youth Agency 

This project allows young people aged 8-18 with an opportunity to enjoy their free time, develop relationships with peers and access support through a range of activities key to physical and emotional well-being. 


FetLor Family Film Days, FetLor Youth Club 

This project provides a warm and safe space for all members of the community to come along to watch a family film while enjoying a hot meal, during the cold winter months.  


Community Connection Choir: Connecting our Community Through Song, Liberton Primary School Association 

With aims to improve the psychological well-being of participants and to foster links within the community, the Community Connection Choir will bring together pupils of Liberton Primary School and elderly members of the Liberton community to connect through song. 


Art Buds Creative Families, Arts Bud Collective 

Delivered in the green spaces of Bingham, Edinburgh, this project provides a programme of free weekly outdoor art sessions for children aged 18 months - 3 years and their parent/carer. The project has a focus on creativity, wellbeing, child development and sustainability. 


Artists Underground, Change Grow Live 

A user-led creative sustainable practice space where musicians who have abandoned playing their instrument through problematic drug use can be supported to rekindle with their passion.  


Keeping Environmentally Friendly, Milan Senior Welfare Organisation 

This project will encourage elderly BAME communities and unpaid carers to make habitual changes that positively impact the environment by saving carbon emissions through initiatives such as reducing food waste, upcycling and energy-saving measures.  


Young Mothers Ante Natal Group and Breastfeeding Support Group, Pregnancy & Parents Centre 

This project meets a gap in provision to work with young mothers and offer essential breastfeeding support, focusing upon providing equal access to parents and families experiencing social exclusion and inequalities.