Information Services

Remote Desktop

How to remotely connect to your office computer from another device via the University's Remote Desktop gateway.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to use Remote Desktop to access your University email. Instead, please visit:



These two initial steps need only be performed once, but must be done on the computer you intend to remote to in advance of working remotely.


Test your connection

We recommend you test the connection to your office computer before working off-site.

  • From a laptop: Set up a remote connection and confirm you're able to log into the office computer successfully.
  • From a desktop machine: Try connecting from a colleague's office computer to ensure you are able.  

Need any help?

If your connection to remote desktop is failing

If your computer on campus is frozen or shut down and you can't connect into it, Information Services will unfortunately not be able to restart it remotely.

In such cases, please contact your building's Facilities team to look at manually restart the machine on your behalf.

For any other issues, please:

Alternatives to remote desktop