Information Services

Off-site Working

Various methods of remotely accessing services, computers and file stores from outwith the University.

The Records Management office provides guidance on data protection and freedom of information when working off-site. Please read before continuing.

Getting set up

Brief preparatory steps before remotely connecting to University computers or services.

Remote Desktop

How to remotely connect to your office computer from another device via the University's Remote Desktop Gateway.

Cloud-based file storage

Details of the cloud-based file storage services OneDrive and DataSync in use at the University.

Connecting to University network shares

Assistance with directly accessing network file shares from your own computer.

University Windows laptops and tablets

A brief overview of Windows 10 laptop and tablet setup with the University's supported desktop build

Accessing other University services off-site

A round-up of methods of accessing a variety of further University services while away from campus.

Still need help?

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