Information Services

Subscribe to a Mailing List

This section covers how to subscribe to a mailing list. You can subscribe via the mailing list web interface or through an email message.

Subscribe via web interface

Log into the web interface. Here are instructions on how to login.

Once you have logged in, click on Search for List(s) and then enter the list name if you know it, or you can browse through all the lists by clicking on Index of lists in the top menu called Search for List(s) and then click on the list you wish to subscribe to. Once you have found the list you want to subscribe to click on Subscribe from the menu on the left to subscribe to the list then click the I subscribe to list <listname> button and then finally click Confirm.

Subscribe via email

Send an email to with nothing in the Subject: line and in the message body put the following:



where LISTNAME is the name of the list you wish to subscribe to and NAME is your first name and surname.

If you normally have an automatic signature at the end of your email, please put the word QUIT just before your signature.

For example.




SUBSCRIBE hibernianfc Lionel Messi


Lionel Messi

Football Club de Barcelona