Information Services

List moderator email commands

If a list is moderated, the mailing lists service only distributes messages enabled by one of its moderators (editors). Moderators have several methods for enabling message distribution. Note the square brackets are to separate variables for clarity and should be removed when submitting commands to the server.

DISTRIBUTE [listname] [key]
If the "send" parameter of a list is set to editorkey or editorkeyonly, each message queued for moderation is stored in a spool (see queuemod), and linked to a key. The moderator must use this command to enable message distribution.
REJECT [listname] [key]
The message with the "key" key will be deleted from the moderation spool of the listname list.
MODINDEX [listname]
This command returns the list of messages queued for moderation for the "listname" list. The result is presented in the form of an index, which supplies, for each message, its sending date, its sender, its size, and its associated key, as well as all messages in the form of a digest.