Information Services

Add/Remove/Modify List Owners

Learn how to add, remove or modify a joint owner to a list you own. Please note you have to be a privileged owner in order to this.

Log into the web interface. Here are instructions on how to login.


Click on My Lists. The lists that you own will have  Owner next to them.

Choose a list and click on the list name. Under List Configuration click on Modify owners or moderators (editors).

If you want to add an owner then enter their email address and click Apply modifications. If you want to add a moderator then first choose Moderators from the Users drop-down menu.

If you already have one or more joint owners which you want to delete, tick the checkbox next to their email address below the icon at the top of the list which looks like a person with an x next to it and then click Apply modifications.

If you want change an existing owner from privileged or normal, click on the address of the owner you want to change and then select the level of privilege from the profile drop-down menu and then click on Apply modifications.




Please note that only privileged owners can change the configuration options of the list. Normal owners can subscribe, unsubscribe and moderate messages but may not close the list or change the type of the list.