Information Services

Add/Remove List Owners

Learn how to add a joint owner to a list you own. Please note you have to be a privileged owner in order to this.

Log into the web interface. Here are instructions on how to login.


On the left hand side of screen, you will see the lists that you own and the lists that you are a member of. The lists that you own will have a blue "admin" icon next to them.

Choose a list and click on the blue "admin" icon next to it. Click on "Edit List Config" , then click on "List definition".

Scroll down to the section headed "Owner", then add the joint owner's email address, name and private information.

If you already have a joint owner which you want to remove, just simply remove the person's email address, name and private information details.

Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Update" to commit the changes.


Please note that only privileged owners can change the configuration options of the list. Normal owners can subscribe, unsubscribe and moderate messages but may not close the list or change the type of the list.