Information Services

Add list members via email

This section covers adding list members via email.

To add list members via email, you send an email to with nothing in the Subject: line and in the message body put the following:

QUIET ADD listname username@domain Firstname Lastname


Please note:

  • If you need to add more than one subscriber, please put each email address on a separate line and before the word "QUIT".
  • Use "QUIET" if you don't want to notify the person you are subscribing to the list.
  • You do not need to have both "Firstname" and "Lastname". You could have just one of them or you could have neither. That is, just have the email address.

You could "invite" someone to join a list. They will receive an email asking them to confirm. Once that is done, the person will be added.

INVITE listname username@domain Firstname Lastname