Information Services

Superlists and sublists

A brief description of super lists and sub lists followed by instructions on how to create them.

A super list is like an umbrella list, under which, there are one or more lists called sub list(s). If a message is sent to the umbrella list, then that message will also be sent to the sub list(s). Note that members of more than one sub list under the same super list will not receive the same message more than once.

In order to create super lists and sub lists, you need to login to the web interface.



Then you need to create your sub list(s) followed by your super list. This is just like creating a normal list.

Create a list

Click on My Lists to show all your lists and then click on the list name of the list you just created. 

Click on Data sources setup.

There is a box underneath List inclusion. In this box, type in the name of a sub list you want to include. After you have done this, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Apply modifications


Repeat till you have included all your sub lists.