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Seminar asks ‘What does President Trump mean’?

A panel of experts from the University of Edinburgh discuss the transition of President-Elect Trump to President on Friday 25 November. (Published 21 Nov, 2106)

As President-Elect Donald Trump begins the transition to office, the political ground is shifting quickly with each new Trump appointments and reactions. There is also the structural history and ‘institutional memory’ of the associated branches of US government, whose popular mythology, at home and abroad, has caused significant confusion. One thing on which everyone agrees is that ideological divisions within American society have become quite clear.

Adam Budd, Lecturer in Cultural History and one of the event’s organisers, said, ‘This discussion ought to provide a means to clarify what we do know about the historical and political environments in which these events are taking place. We hope that this discussion will help to reassure our community that the University of Edinburgh fosters a culture of critical thinking and informed dialogue, charting the meaning of these events as they develop.’

Confirmed speakers include Professor Elizabeth Bomberg (Chair in Environmental Politics), Dr Fabian Hilfrich (Senior Lecturer in American History), Dr Meryl Kenny (Lecturer in Gender and Politics), Professor Robert Mason (Professor of Twentieth-Century US History), Professor Susan Murphy (Chair in Leadership Development, Business School) and Dr David Silkenat (Lecturer in American History).

The event will take place in David Hume Tower, Georg Square and tickets are free, available from Eventbrite.