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Revealing Scotland’s most important buildings

What are the most important buildings from the last 6000 years of Scottish history? A panel of experts revealed the buildings they believe have left a lasting impression. (Published 16 February 2016)

Dr Tanja Romankiewicz, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh, and two colleagues were set the challenge at a recent event as Scotland celebrates the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design in 2016.

From roundhouses and brochs to abbeys and castles, Dr Romankiewicz, along with John Lowry of Edinburgh and Professor Richard Oram from the University of Stirling, chose the buildings they believe have left a lasting impression on Scotland’s landscape.

Dr Romankiewicz was tasked with a search that covered 4500 years of Scottish history, from the earliest settlements up to 600AD. Her top picks included Middle Bronze Age roundhouses, Iron Age brochs and the Neolithic village of Skara Brae.

Find out what buildings made the shortlist

Photo of Rhiroy Broch
Rhiroy Broch reconstruction

About Dr Romankiewicz’s research

Tanja is researching the prehistoric architecture of Scotland as part of her Leverhulme project “Building (Ancient) Lives”.

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