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New Impact Champions announced

The School of History, Classics and Archaeology is delighted to announce that two members of staff have been made Impact Champions for 2016-17. (Published 24 Aug 2016)

Dr Adam Budd and Dr Gianluca Raccagni have both been recognised as members of staff whose research has the potential to deliver significant impact over the coming academic year.

Dr Budd’s research

Dr Budd’s research interests focus on the cultural contexts and intellectual trends that define the history of historical scholarship, mainly in the eighteenth and twentieth centuries. He is particularly interested in the material history of Enlightenment literary culture in Britain and has developed the award-winning website, Circulating Enlightenment.

From August 2016, Dr Budd will be teaching a professional-training course in 18th-century history for around forty secondary-school History teachers in Edinburgh. These teachers will then use Dr Budd’s research to teach the history of the Enlightenment in Scotland among c.900 pupils.

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Dr Raccagni's research

Dr Raccagni's research explores political culture and political structures in the central Middle Ages. He is currently writing a monograph on the second Lombard League, its conflict with Emperor Frederick II and its involvement in the crusades against Christian lay powers in the thirteenth century. His impact project will involve working with the computer games industry, producing gaming demonstrations for historical miniature games.

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Impact and knowledge exchange

In its broadest sense, impact and knowledge exchange is about engaging with a wide variety of external audiences for greater social and cultural benefit.

This scheme involves formal support of activities undertaken by the designated ‘Impact Champions’ by providing relief from some teaching and/or administrative commitments.

Further information

For more information on the Impact Champions scheme, please contact Deputy Director of Research (Impact), Dr Wendy Ugolini.