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Launch of export control compliance network: HEECA

HEECA is the Higher Education Export Control Association. This national network was founded by professionals at the UK’s leading research universities including the University of Edinburgh. HEECA was formed to develop, maintain and promote best practice in Export Control Compliance across the UK Higher Education sector.

HEECA launched in early 2022 as the first national body of Higher Education Export Control practitioners in the UK.

HEECA’s mission is to enable the sector to take an informed and consistent approach to Export Control Compliance while providing a dynamic platform of expertise using the team’s collective experience. The body will facilitate key discussions between practitioners, academics, regulators, funders, and the government, opening doors to HEECA members at all UK higher education research institutions to both benefit from and join in discussions.

“Along with other UK partner universities, the University of Edinburgh has played a key role in the creation of the first UK national association for export control in higher education and looks forward to continuing to support the sector in this important area as part of our international collaboration and engagement”

Alan MackayDeputy Vice Principal International and Director of Edinburgh Global

What does HEECA look like in action?

Members of HEECA work together to create an informed approach to Export Control Compliance to ensure uniformity and understanding at a national level. HEECA will provide guidance and training materials that will address specific Export Control challenges that the sector faces.

Organised events are already underway, with the aim to raise awareness of legal requirements and to discuss and promote best practices in the field. These events and resources are developed by academic experts approaching the topic of UK export control and how it is applied to real-world research. The next event is the HEECA Annual Conference:

Attend the HEECA Annual Conference, 29 June.

Wednesday 29 June 2022 09:00 – 16.00 UTC +1 At this event, we will have practical, professional discussions and learn about Export Control compliance in the higher education context and offer attendees the chance to exchange experiences and ideas, and to discuss specific issues.

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HEECA's partners

HEECA work with the Universities UK Export Control Group (ECG), which considers the application of export controls in academia, and addresses emerging technologies at a strategic level, working with representatives from HM Government, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), and the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)

Why do we need an Export Control Association?

Universities have a responsibility as leaders of research to play a role in the way that research is used, especially if that research can be related to issues connected to national security. The body has collective expertise in emerging and sensitive technologies and intellectual property with the aim of ensuring that the resulting research is protected, and that misuse or interference of university research is addressed.

The complex nature of the UK national security agenda and the heightened level of proliferation and other resultant security risks present an urgent need for increased awareness, coordination, and collaboration between UK universities and HM Government. HEECA aims to provide a practitioner-led platform for addressing these challenges.

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