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Edinburgh and Una Europa Impact Report

The Una Europa alliance was launched in 2019 with its 3-year pilot project, 1Europe. To highlight the achievements, outputs and measures of success, we have developed an Edinburgh and Una Europa Impact Report covering 2019-2022.

Una Europa Impact Report 

What is Una Europa? 

Unique opportunities for students and staff to study, collaborate and research with some of the most impressive universities in Europe. Drawing on our collective strengths to create a truly European inter-university environment, a University of the Future. Una Europa has big ambitions - this alliance offers a testbed to trial new innovative pedagogies and differing templates for mobility, encouraging new practices with tried and tested partners from across Europe. 

Explore our key findings 

Edinburgh Outputs 

The University remains a key participant and driver of Una Europa initiatives: 

  • Local Student Networks 

  • 6 joint programmes launched 

  • Testing new mobility initiatives  

  • 4 Self-Steering Committees 

  • 7 Professional service clusters 

  • 6 Una.Resin (research) clusters 

Infographic stating Edinburgh received over £1 million funding, involved in 70% of seed funding and 18 schools contributed to Una Europa

A bridge to Europe  

With full association to Horizon Europe yet to be confirmed and the UK’s association to Erasmus+ ending, how we engage with universities across Europe has changed. The relevance of Europe to our students and staff has remained the same, although it has made us work differently to ensure that European collaboration and exchange can continue. 

Edinburgh - early adopter 

In 2019 the first European University Alliances were funded by the European Commission. The University of Edinburgh was one of only three UK Universities and the only Scottish University in a funded alliance.  

Ambitious for the future  

Una Europa has big ambitions. This alliance offers a testbed to trial new innovative pedagogies, differing templates for mobility and encourages new practices with tried and tested partners from across Europe. 

Una Europa meets Strategy 2030 

By partnering with Universities across Europe, we can work together, beyond our university community, to address tomorrow’s greatest challenges through innovative programme design, diverse learning opportunities for our students and increased collaborative research to amplify our impact.   


Una.Futura is Una Europa's ambitious four-year project which will run from December 2022 to December 2026 and will seek to provide multidisciplinary research-based education at all levels of higher education – including research modules and research internships from the undergraduate level.  

Furthermore, our commitment and that of Universität Zürich is a testament to the alliance’s ability to drive global competitiveness in European Higher Education outside of the EU and achieve a pan-continental European Campus. Together with our new partners, Universiteit Leiden and Universität Zürich, we are excited to take the next steps in developing a truly open and inclusive European University. 

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