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Celebrating Europe Day: Past experiences, future opportunities

This Europe Day, we marked the impact of over 35 years of our involvement in the Erasmus+ programme through stories from student and staff participants, as we recognise the ongoing opportunities, activities, and partnerships for which it has been the foundation.

Europe Day feature banner 2023

Europe Day 2023

Europe Day is held every year on 9 May, marking the anniversary of the historic Schuman declaration, celebrating peace and unity in Europe. This year we celebrate and recognise the ongoing opportunities to study and work abroad in Europe and beyond.

End of the Erasmus+ era

The University of Edinburgh’s participation in the Erasmus+ programme comes to an end on 31 May 2023. The Turing Scheme is the UK’s global programme to support study and work abroad opportunities, intended to replace Erasmus+ for outbound students from the UK. It will facilitate the participation of students at UK institutions in international activities.

Erasmus+ kick-started the steady growth of international opportunities available to our student community. Despite UK participation in Erasmus+ coming to an end, there’s still a wide range of alliances, networks and partnerships that continue to offer a variety of options to current student and staff for work or study away.

Find out more about the Turing Scheme:

Turing Scheme

Future student opportunities

Looking forward to future opportunities beyond Erasmus+, these include study exchanges, placement, summer schools, volunteering, internships, traineeships, conferences, workshops, short-term mobility, cultural activities, challenge-based activities, research, and self-directed study.

Find out more about the specific funding and programmes available for students:

Future student opportunities

Future staff opportunities

We are focused on deepening and diversifying our European engagement to position the University of Edinburgh as a partner of choice for research collaboration and student exchange for universities from across Europe.

The University is a proud international institution aligned with impressive European collaborators, networks, alliances, and partnerships. Through sustained engagement and input, we will continue to produce world-leading research, innovate our academic offering, and further develop and encourage international learning experiences.

Find out more about specific opportunities available to staff:

Future staff opportunities

Student stories

Read students’ stories about their time spent studying or working abroad while enrolled at The University of Edinburgh.

Read student stories

Staff stories

Read University of Edinburgh staff stories about their time spent working abroad.

Read staff stories

Europe Day playlist

A playlist of songs has been created that transport us back to the time spent studying or working abroad. No matter how many years have passed, these songs are an instant reminder:

Listen to the Europe Day playlist

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