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Edinburgh Global Innovation Fund winners

The Edinburgh Global Innovation Fund (EGIF) was established to facilitate and support the University’s Global Engagement Plan. We are pleased to announce that we have selected eight projects for funding to a total value of £50k.

In a university as committed to making an impact as Edinburgh, it should be of no surprise that there are some truly inspiring, inventive and pioneering projects and partnerships in our midst. To support these activities, the Edinburgh Global Innovation Fund (EGIF) was developed to pump-prime the advancement of strategic, sustainable and mutually beneficial international thematic activities.

Eight projects have now been chosen for funding from the EGIF:

Urban, Homeless & Inclusion Health (UHIH) - partnering Edinburgh with Singapore and Toronto

Health in Social Science

In a project with partners spanning the globe, Urban, Homeless & Inclusion Health (UHIH) seeks to address the challenges experienced by those who are homeless. Though these challenges and problems are significant, including low life expectancy, disproportionate mental health problems and crime victimisation, there is limited research on 'what works' in tackling the issues. Through workshops, academic visits and research papers, the project aims to change this, seeking to develop a holistic research and education agenda that will foster effective interventions extending beyond health to the wider context of the lives of people experiencing homelessness and exclusion.

Punishment and democratic politics in Latin America and Europe: towards mutual learning in penal politics, policy and practice

School of Law

This project looks to advance the understanding of punishment, introducing new ideas and fostering diversity within the research that surrounds existing academic study on penal practices. Through visits, exchanges, seminars, papers and book proposals, the partnerships that this project would develop with institutions in Colombia and Argentina will be of great importance to the topic, and to the University of Edinburgh.

Disaster recovery: building resilience through education

Edinburgh College of Art

The overall aim of this activity is to engage academics, students, industry, civil society and policy makers in Mexico through an intensive 3-day interdisciplinary and international workshop, led by a collaboration between TEC Monterrey (Mexico) and University of Edinburgh (UK) and aimed to share experiences in relation to disaster recovery. This knowledge exchange will provide the basis for understanding how places can build resilience and recover from disasters, such as the recent earthquake that affected the area in September 2017.

Summer School in Legal Technology

School of Law

In a partnership with Universitaet des Saarlandes, Germany, and Toin University of Yokohama, Japan, the Summer School in Legal Technology would aim to give Scottish students the opportunity to present their research on legal technology and regulation of AI to a group of international experts, as well as giving them exposure to talks from experts and practitioners in the subject from the UK, Germany and Japan.

Edinburgh Global and Salaam Baalak Trust (SBT): Go Abroad and Global Partnership

History, Classics, Archaeology

Founded in 1988, SBT provides shelter, legal advocacy, health care, and educational opportunities for thousands of abandoned children in India every year. This educational exchange will see Edinburgh postgraduates and undergraduates travelling to SBT to provide teaching and learning experiences for staff and children, while undertaking impact-led research projects to benefit SBT’s work. In return, the University will welcome teams of SBT staff and children to Edinburgh during the Festivals, where we will learn to see our city, our work, and our cultures in new ways.

Multi-Sport World Cup Tournament

Sports Union

The Sports Union were awarded funding for their idea to deliver a ‘Multi-Sport World Cup Tournament’, which would seek to enhance the international student experience and celebrate diversity on campus. Students would be encouraged to enter teams with people from the same nation or region of the world, with international societies as well as EUSA being engaged in the process of event planning and participation.

International Research Art Writing Studio

Edinburgh College of Art

Through two two-day assemblies, this project seeks to build the world's first international art writing studio through a partnership with the University of Amsterdam, bringing together interdisciplinary practice-led research students and early career researchers who are currently engaged in art writing from the University of Edinburgh. Art writing brings together the disciplines of art, art history, creative writing and visual cultures to produce innovative practice-led research, and both institutions are acknowledged as centres of excellence for the study of it.

University of Amsterdam: Visiting Research Fellowship

The Usher Institute, Centre for Population Health Sciences

In a partnership with the University of Amsterdam, the project will explore adolescent smoking from different perspectives. A visiting research fellowship from the University of Edinburgh will support and facilitate the University of Amsterdam team's development of qualitative research skills and engagement with data, which will be of great benefit to the project.

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