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Data Science in Health

This one-day event in Singapore features cutting edge research and technologies in the provision of healthcare in Singapore and the UK, from artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, to genomic data for personalisation and the robotics revolution in medicine.

With perspectives from Scotland and Singapore, the symposium draws on a wealth of expertise from both countries and is part of our ‘City Regions’ series of events.

The programme on 10 September 2018 is comprised of 4 key sessions with expert speakers from Edinburgh and Singapore:

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning in healthcare State-of-the-art and current research in Singapore and Edinburgh
  • Big data: how is use of existing data transforming healthcare in Singapore and the UK? A research agenda for the next decade
  • Using genomic data to personalise healthcare Cutting-edge research in Singapore and Edinburgh
  • Robotics: the future has arrived How robotics will continue to revolutionise medicine in the year ahead

The event is a cross boundary, interdisciplinary – we’re bringing together stakeholders across this ecosystem from academia, industries, funding bodies, government agencies as well as alumni to discuss the latest developments and innovations in data science in health. This will start more dialogues to forge lasting relationships and create new impactful collaboration partnerships in the region.

Audrey Kon Regional Director – Southeast Asia
Singapore skyline

The connection in this field between Edinburgh and Singapore stems from the rapid growth in data science.

One demonstration of this is that Singapore is investing in technology and data science through initiatives such as ‘Smart Nation’, similar to our own ‘City deal’; in Singapore, the move to harness technologies to improve citizens’ lives mirrors the Scottish Government plan to position Edinburgh as the data capital of Europe, with the University playing a pivotal role collaborating with government bodies, industry and other higher education institutions.

The event will strengthen the University’s reputation in Southeast Asia through showcasing our research excellence and reinforcing our key partnerships with National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Singapore is a pertinent location for this symposium, with excellent health data and computing science infrastructure and related academic programmes, as well as similar issues faced in the UK and other developed nations in health care provision – for example, an ageing population, morbidity causes, and integration of services.

Teamed with Edinburgh as a world-leader in data science and health informatics, this symposium offers a fascinating opportunity for new developments in industry and education.

The focus for those in attendance will be to share ideas and harness opportunities in complex technologies related to healthcare. It also presents prospects for collaboration in the region to establish links in research, joint PG programmes and PhD supervision, not only within the HE sector but also in industry and governmental organisations.