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Afghanistan – an update on our support

Edinburgh Global is committed to supporting students and colleagues affected by the crisis in Afghanistan. We have been working with partners across the University and beyond to provide support and advice.

Increased funding

In recognition that this crisis is likely to require an ongoing effort for the coming months and years, I have increased our funding through our partnership with The Council for At-Risk Academics (Cara). These increased funds will support placement of more fellows from Afghanistan at the University of Edinburgh.

A representative for Cara in Scotland

Cara provides urgently needed help to academics in immediate danger, those forced into exile, and many who choose to work on in their home countries despite serious risk.

Cara works with UK universities like Edinburgh to host Cara Fellows for placements and to deliver workshops to displaced academics in surrounding regions.  Through our Cara Scotland Manager, Scott McQuarrie, who is based in Edinburgh Global, we’ll be able to assist in placing more fellows across Scottish higher education too.

Read Cara’s recent statement on Afghanistan [PDF].

Working closely with our partners

Edinburgh Global will continue to work closely with other sector groups, Universities of Sanctuary, Scholars At Risk and the Council for At Risk Academics (Cara) to provide support now and in the future.

…we need above all for the world - governments, funders and especially our universities – to appreciate that Afghanistan is not lost, yet. As long as we do everything we can to support this extraordinary, never-before generation of Afghans – young, educated, multicultural, gender-respecting – Afghanistan still has a future. And insofar as their Afghanistan will be rights-respecting, knowledge-based and forward-looking, their future is one that we should aspire to.

Robert Quinn CEO of Scholars At Risk 

Universities of Sanctuary

The University of Edinburgh was the first in Scotland to be approved as a member to Universities of Sanctuary.

Universities of Sanctuary recognises and celebrates the good practice of universities welcoming people seeking sanctuary through access to higher education, supporting local refugee communities, and taking an active role in tackling the obstacles faced by this group in pursuing HE.

Universities of Sanctuary has made a following statement around solidarity and compassion for the people of Afghanistan

Read their statement

Scholars at Risk Network

Scholars at Risk (SAR) works with  a global network of  HE institutions to provides services and activities which support scholars with practical and theoretical issues relating to academic freedom, responses to attacks on higher education, and related human rights issues.

Read more about University of Edinburgh’s involvement with SAR.

We welcome your support

A large increase in demand for Cara support from academics and their families in Afghanistan seeking temporary relocation to the UK is now expected.

I am very proud to note that the level of individual donations from colleagues across the University of Edinburgh shows we are one of the leading universities in the UK who fund Cara’s very important work.

Any support you can give will be very welcome.

Find out how to make a donation to Cara’s 10x20 appeal

Our community work

You can find out more about our work with partners (Scholars At Risk, Universities of Sanctuary and Cara) on our Global Community webpages.

You can also find out about the support and activities offered by Edinburgh Global’s Community team and about other community services and groups across the University.

Find out more


A series of resources for Afghans at risk

The University of Edinburgh is committed to supporting students and colleagues affected by the crisis in Afghanistan. We have been working with partners across the University and beyond to provide support and advice. You can find our list of resources and initiatives for individuals in areas of crisis below.

For students at risk

For scholars at risk

For artists at risk

General support

Further information

Free online courses