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eTandem Global vlog competition: winners announced!

We invited students who participated in eTandem Global in Semester 1 to create a vlog with their language partner based on their eTandem experience. Check out the video prize winners.

The eTandem Global programme, developed in collaboration with the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures, launched in 2020 to offer students a practical language, social and cultural exchange while travel restrictions remain in place during the Covid-19 pandemic.

All students who participated in 2020 were invited to enter the eTandem Global Vlog Competition for an exciting chance to win £250 Amazon vouchers with their language partner. To enter, students had to create a 1-2 minute vlog reflecting on the theme of ‘Our eTandem Experience’.

You can watch the 1st prize winner and runner up vlogs below. (English subtitles/closed captions are available on the YouTube videos).

1st prize winners

Lisa Kitamura and Hannah Naseer (English/Japanese)

Hannah Naseer (UoE) Chinese and French (MA Hons) – Studies Japanese on a self-study basis so was keen to improve her spoken Japanese. Lisa Kitamura is a Japanese student from International Christian University.

During their vlog, Hannah and Lisa tell us about what they did during their eTandem experience. They began their exchange by creating presentations for each other on their own culture, country, customs and language. They went on to send videos to each other showing their day-to-day lifestyle and in the vlog they tell us what they’ve learnt through their exchange.


Kate McKay and Paula Wötzel (English/German)

Kate McKay is studying German and Business MA (Hons) at the University of Edinburgh and her language partner is Paula Wötzel, a German student from Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin.

Kate and Paula have a fantastic conversation in their respective languages, sharing what they’ve enjoyed and what they’ve learned from each other. We hope they can meet in person soon!

Srishti Kashyap and Shiqi (Lisa) Yang (English/Chinese)

Srishti Kashyap is studying Chinese (MA Hons) at the University of Edinburgh and her language partner is Shiqi (Lisa) Yang, a Chinese student currently studying at the International Christian University in Japan.

Srishti didn’t feel there were many opportunities to practise her Chinese in the UK and Shiqi was looking to find a partner to improve her English skills. The pair have formed a close friendship over the programme.

Following the success of the programme in Semester 1, the eTandem Global is continuing in Semester 2. The SWAY team are currently pairing new participants, as former participants are continuing their eTandem experience.

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