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Data science applied to key food systems challenges

Scientists support efforts to define urgent data science questions for food systems sustainability.

Researchers are taking part in an initiative to identify urgent challenges in ensuring sustainable food systems, which can be tackled with help from data science.

The project, led by an international collaboration, seeks to identify the 10 most impactful research questions that could be investigated to make food systems healthier.

Researchers from the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security have contributed to the venture, coordinated by The GovLab of New York University along with think-tanks the Barilla Foundation and the Brussels-based Center for European Policy Studies.

Members of the public are invited to input to the project by voting for action on issues encompassing the use of data science in food production, distribution and consumption.

Topical issues

The scheme forms part of the 100 Questions initiative, which aims to define problems across a range of topics that may be addressed with improved access to data and application of data science.

Food-based questions may help address imminent problems focused on inequality in distribution and access, lack of education on healthy eating, and unsustainable farming, as the global population is forecast to reach 11 billion by 2050.

Researchers involved in the 100 Questions project worked with food science, security, and climate strategy experts to formulate questions based on overarching themes in food systems sustainability.

Members of the public may vote for the questions they think should be prioritised, at the 100 Questions website.

Data science has huge potential in helping us understand and resolve some of the biggest challenges facing society today. The 100 Questions initiative offers a novel approach to highlighting food system sustainability issues that researchers and the wider public deem to be most pressing, and in forming partnerships to tackle these.

Professor Geoff SimmDirector, Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

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Image credit: Artem Sapegin on Unsplash