Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems

Partnership to deliver data-driven tech to farmers

A collaboration with software firm Trinity AgTech will seek to add value to farming supply chains, with benefits for farmers and society.

The Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security is forming a partnership with software development company Trinity AgTech, with the aim of helping farmers achieve greater profitability and environmental progress.

Under the collaboration, the organisations will work together to apply data-driven innovation to farming. They will seek to develop technologies that will add value to supply chains, to help producers and benefit the environment.

Their partnership is formed at a time when food production and land use management involves complex challenges relating to climate change, poor nutrition and lack of biodiversity.

In addition to the partnership, Professor Geoff Simm, Director of the Academy and the University’s Chair of Global Agriculture and Food Security, has joined Trinity AgTech’s Scientific Board.  

We’re in the middle of climate change, malnutrition and biodiversity crises with food, farming and land use at the heart of these. These issues are complicated and interconnected but through data-driven innovation – a priority theme for us in the University of Edinburgh - we can empower farmers to create real change. To enable this change, farmers need the right tools. The first generation of Ag-Tech products are only targeting a small aspect of the industry. Trinity AgTech’s software provides a more integrated approach across all enterprise types which will unlock value across the supply chain. Farmers are passionate about producing even higher quality food with less environmental impact. They want to lead this transformation, not be left to deal with the consequences of others’ decisions.

Professor Geoff SimmDirector, Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security


Most of our farmers’ talent has been untapped and under-nurtured and that genie needs to be freed from the bottle. At Trinity AgTech we believe that it will be the genius of the many that will deliver farming a flourishing future and ensure we have vibrant rural communities. The Global Academy is a great example of the extraordinary practical scientific talent we have within our universities. Partnered with our software, based on the latest science, technology and proven methodologies, we can bring new levels of excellence in how farmers achieve their own profitability and sustainability goals at farm, field and product level.

Dr Hosein Khajeh-HosseinyTrinity AgTech’s Founder and Executive Chairman


I’m delighted that Professor Simm, a distinguished scientist in the field of animal breeding, is joining the Scientific Board. The Board provides farmers with the confidence that Trinity AgTech and its software products will support them to take control and capture the full value of their natural capital.

Professor Simon PottsChair of Trinity AgTech’s Scientific Board

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