Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems

Conference: EurSafe 2022 'Transforming Food Systems'

How do we provide safe and nutritious food for all, faced with the challenges of achieving net zero carbon, tackling social inequalities and degraded environments, and meeting the ethical expectations of our societies?

7-10 September 2022 


Join us for: Transforming Food Systems - the EurSafe international conference in Edinburgh 7-10 September 2022.
EurSafe Conference 2022 Poster
EurSafe Conference 2022 Poster


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The conference will bring together inter-disciplinary expertise from across Europe and is now open for submission of abstracts.

We welcome submissions from a broad range of disciplines, including ethics; science technology and innovation studies; agriculture and food systems; animal studies; biotechnology innovations; law; economics; social and political sciences. For confirmed speakers - visit:

Transforming food systems is the 2022 conference of the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics (EurSafe), organised jointly by the School of Social and Political Science and the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security of The University of Edinburgh, and the independent ethical consultancy Edinethics Ltd. 

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