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UK nations seek to champion animal health and welfare

Food and Farming Futures workshop explores opportunities and interests post-Brexit.

The four UK nations’ ambitions for animal health and welfare in the wake of Brexit are to come under the spotlight at an online workshop.

Representatives from across the UK will examine the challenges and opportunities for trade following Britain’s exit from the European Union, in a webinar organised by Food and Farming Futures and hosted by the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security in the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

Participants will explore how UK animal health and welfare standards can become a highlight of future trade deals, rather than being compromised by them, and will seek to reach a common understanding on health and welfare, ambitions and next steps.

High standards

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Speakers will outline where each of the UK countries stands on animal welfare and health.

Speakers at the event today will outline where each of the UK countries stands on welfare and health standards, and their ambitions for the future.

The event will seek to identify how best to deliver and promote the UK as a leader in Europe and beyond on sustainable high welfare standards and quality livestock products.

Attendees will also explore where specific ambitions are best served by collaboration or working separately.

Speakers include Veterinary Officers for the UK, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, and leading researchers in animal welfare, alongside the Chief Executive Officer of food production standards organisation Red Tractor, and the President of the National Farmers’ Union.

Professor Cathy Dwyer from SRUC and the University of Edinburgh will chair a panel of welfare experts discussing the added value of high animal welfare and health, and how assured farmers be can be fairly rewarded.

The webinar, entitled Delivering the UK nations’ ambitions for animal health and welfare in a post-Brexit world, will be introduced by Lord Curry of Kirkharle and concluded by Lord Trees of Ross – both leading figures in food, farming and animal health.

It will feature two Q&A sessions with the invited audience.

A full report of the workshop will follow.

We look forward to hosting this event, which will bring together leading thinkers for what promises to be an insightful, important discussion on animal health and welfare in the context of future British trade.

Professor Geoff SimmDirector of the Global Academy for Agriculture and Food Security

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