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CRH researchers support Wellbeing of Women ‘Just a period’ campaign

A number of CRH researchers are delighted to lend their research findings and clinical expertise to the new Wellbeing of Women campaign, ‘Just a period’.

Photo of Dr Watters in the lab
Dr Marianne Watters

Millions of women and girls in the UK suffer from period problems such as severe pain and heavy bleeding, with almost one third never seeking any medical help and more than half reporting their symptoms are not taken seriously (findings from a survey of 3,000 women commissioned by the Wellbeing of Women charity).

This campaign addresses the unacceptable normalisation of period symptoms and gynaecological conditions to help all women access the support and guidance they need to manage common yet debilitating problems relating to menstruation.

Clinical researchers Dr Jackie Maybin, Dr Marianne Watters and Dr Varsha Jain lead studies at the Centre for Reproductive Health with the common aim of increasing their understanding of period problems and enabling treatment breakthroughs to improve health outcomes. 

They are grateful to be funded by Wellbeing of Women and are committed to supporting the campaign, lending their expertise to the valuable online content, engagement opportunities and media activity.

Just a period Campaign 

Click on this link to find out more about Dr Marianne Watters’ WoW funded study which examines menstrual fluid to inform the clinical management of heavy periods:

Can menstrual fluid identify causes of heavy periods? 

From period problems and starting a family, to menopause and gynaecological cancers, Wellbeing of Women (WoW) supports reproductive health. Millions of women benefit from the extensive research funded by the charity. Founded in 1964, WoW aims to tackle taboos surrounding women’s health and strives towards a better future for every woman, girl and baby.

As well as menstrual irregularities and problem periods, a number of research themes in the Centre for Reproductive Health are funded by Wellbeing of Women, including endometriosis and premature menopause.

Case study of Dr Roseanne Rosario’s WoW funded research

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