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New article raises awareness of endometriosis

Read this fantastic article which appears in the journal section of menstrual health website Joii Care and contains expert commentary from Professor Andrew Horne.

Professor Andrew Horne

The CRH’s Andrew Horne talks about the importance of continued investment into endometriosis research and current treatment options.

Case studies offer candid descriptions of what it is like to live with endometriosis and the ‘postcode lottery’ of specialist care is summarised by Professor Horne, who says:
 “Access to healthcare practitioners who specialise in endometriosis is limited, and often affected by where you live in the UK. Effective care pathways need to be devised and implemented within the NHS to ensure that patients get to the right hospitals to see specialists with expertise in recognizing and treating the disease.” 

The full article (published on 06.01.23) can be accessed here: Understanding endometriosis

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