About HOPE

HOPE is a website all about periods and menstrual health. It was created by our team to inform and educate everyone about menstruation.

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Despite 51% of the population being female and one in four of those who menstruate suffering with problematic periods, talking about menstruation remains a taboo subject.If you are lucky enough to have no troublesome menstrual symptoms, it is very likely that your friend, mother, sister, daughter or partner will. Menstrual disorders negatively impact on physical, mental, social and economic health. Some people with menstrual disorders require blood transfusion, others cannot leave the house for one week out of every four. Many suffer financial difficulties, having to pay for excessive numbers of pads and tampons or due to work absence.

Despite this, it is really hard to know what is considered 'normal' and when to seek help. This is made worse by the menstrual taboo and to break this we need to talk about menstruation. Increased awareness of menstrual disorders and the treatment options available will enable people to reach their full potential and have a positive impact on all of society.

Our aim was to develop a website that provides accurate, accessible information for those who menstruate, their families, doctors, employers and policy makers. In addition, we have provided resources for educators to facilitate the conversation about menstruation with both boys and girls at a young age to increase awareness and destigmatise this physiological process. As well as original content, we have endeavoured to signpost users to other great sources of information from charities and organisations promoting menstrual wellbeing.

Our hope is that we can provide the information necessary to have healthy, optimal periods.