Menstrual disorders

It is really important to get an accurate diagnosis of the cause of problematic menstrual bleeding to make sure the treatment you receive is the right one.

Leading experts in menstrual problems had a series of international meetings to agree on a classification system for menstrual disorders. This has the acronym PALM COEIN. PALM represents conditions that are “structural”, i.e. can be seen on an ultrasound scan or biopsy. COEIN represents conditions that lead to problematic periods that are non-structural, i.e. can’t be seen on a scan or biopsy. It may be useful to talk through this classification system with your healthcare team.



  Polyps   Coagulopathy 
  Adenomyosis   Ovulatory
  Leiomyoma   Endometrial
  Malignancy   Iatrogenic
      Not otherwise classified

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