Averages for menstruation

So what is 'typical menstruation'? There appears to be lots of variation, not only between different women but also from one cycle to the next in one woman.

Many research studies have looked at this and a set of criteria have been set out by an international group of experts in menstruation. There are four different criteria by which menstruation can be measured:

  1. Duration (how long your period lasts) 4.5 to 8 days
  2. Frequency (how often it comes) every 24 to 38 days
  3. Regularity (how regular it is) changes by 2-20 days over 12 months
  4. Volume (how heavy it is) 5-80ml of blood

The measures above are really useful for research purposes but may not be very practical for women. Especially the volume figures – not so easy to measure in reality! Much more important is the impact that menstruation has on your life. Flooding through your clothes during the day and/or not being able to go to work or school because of heavy or painful periods is not 'normal'.

If your menstruation is having a negative impact on your life you should seek help.


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