Centre for Reproductive Health

RCOG/Blair Bell success for CRH researchers

The CRH enjoyed a strong presence and great success at the RCOG Annual Academic Meeting on 09 and 10 February, 2023.

The 2-day hybrid meeting included keynote plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations and workshops. This event also incorporates the Blair Bell Research Society annual meeting.

Picture of CRH researchers at the RCOG Blair Bell Meeting 2023

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback stating that all our talks were of an exceptionally high standard and that it was super to see so many enthusiastic CRH researchers in attendance.

The RCOG holds an Annual Academic Meeting each year to showcase the best of research in obstetrics and gynaecology in the UK, from basic science to clinical trials. Academics, both junior and senior, basic scientists, NHS consultants and trainees and undergraduates in obstetrics and gynaecology are all welcomed. Prizes are awarded for the best oral and poster presentations.

Dr Mike Rimmer (Mitchell lab) was delighted to receive the prize for best oral presentation following an extremely well received talk.  He spoke about the role of EVs in the prepubertal testis and how chemotherapy leads to the production of EVs with a pro-apoptotic phenotype and these EVs may be a contributory factor to male infertility in later life.

Mike is excited to take this work forward as he returns to the CRH and NHS Lothian as a post-doctoral clinical lecturer.

Picture of Michael Rimmer presenting

The main conference talks were:

1. Dr Emily Frier (supervised by CRH Associates Professor Rebecca Reynolds and Professor Sarah Stock) presented on antenatal corticosteroids.

2. Dr Mike Rimmer (Mitchell lab) presented on EVs in the prepubertal testis.

Professor Andrew Horne was invited to talk about his career in endometriosis research to date, including included patient engagement and industrial partnerships and the changing paradigms of treatment for the condition. Dr Lucy Whitaker (EXPPECT group) described his talk as an ‘absolute tour de force’!


Picture of Scott Mackenzie (R), with Luct Whitaker and Andrew Horne
Scott Mackenzie (R) with Lucy Whitaker and Andrew Horne

Dr Varsha Jain (Critchley lab) presented a poster on abnormal uterine bleeding.

Dr Scott Mackenzie (EXPPECT group) presented a poster using data from the GEM3 study showing the value of day 1–4 post-treatment hCG at predicting the likelihood of treatment success in methotrexate treated tubal ectopic pregnancy.

Kevin Kuan, a fifth year medical student researching endometriosis, presented his poster comparing pregnancy outcomes following the GnRH agonist versus GnRH antagonist ovarian stimulation protocols in women with endometriosis.

Dr Mike Rimmer also presented a collaborative poster with researchers from Imperial / UCL on Covid-19 vaccination and miscarriage.

Well done to all for making such an impact at this meeting and an extra special congratulations to Dr Mike Rimmer for his award win.