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BBC Radio 5 Live airs from the CRH Lab

The Centre for Reproductive Health was delighted to host BBC Radio 5 Live from our laboratory within IRR, on 28 November 2023.

The date selected for this programme to air coincides with the 6 month anniversary since Naga Munchetty first announced her adenomyosis diagnosis, in the hope of raising awareness of this condition (and women’s health research) as much as possible.

Dr Jackie Maybin, Dr Marianne Watters and Dr Kate Walker (the Maybin lab) and Dr Varsha Jain (the Critchley lab) were all interviewed by Naga Munchetty as part of this women’s health themed live show, which focused on their research into heavy menstrual bleeding and adenomysosis.

This BBC Radio 5 Live show also incorporated a number of case studies who spoke bravely about their lived-in experience as well as other medical professionals involved in vital research and clinical care of women suffering from these debilitating conditions.

As well as talking about the impact of their research progress and how it translates to improved clinical care, the researchers spoke about the urgent need for increased funding into women’s health research and their important outreach work, including their recent involvement in the Wellbeing of Women ‘Just a period’ campaign:

Wellbeing of Women 'Just a period' campaign

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Video: Naga Munchetty BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC Radio 5 Live Recording of the Naga Munchetty show from 28 November 2023


Image of BBC and CRH Team
BBC and CRH Team
BBC Radio 5 Live with Naga Munchetty from the Maybin Lab