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Our work focuses on improving livelihoods around the world - exploring complex relationships between human, animal and environmental health, and the economic and social factors that underpin these.

Our commitment to multidisciplinary working is seen through the work of our world leading Global Academies and research centres, including Edinburgh Infectious Diseases. Collaboration is key and the impact from our research influences global policy and contributes to saving lives.

We provide training to equip people with the skills needed to respond to emerging One Health issues through our degree programmes and short professional courses. We have long-standing expertise in online delivery to enable wide access to professional training regardless of your location.

Read our blog for more about our work in One Health.

One Health Blog

World One Health Day 2023

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An overview of the University's activities in One Health, including teaching, research and policy and engagement.
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Our research is interdisciplinary and international and specifically targeted to address social and global challenges that will enable realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Scroll down to read more about our expertise.

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We train people with the skills to respond to One Health issues through our degree programmes and professional courses. Many of our courses are offered online, making them accessible to students regardless of location. Scroll down for a list of programmes relevant to One Health.

Mission Rabies Malawi

We are proud of long-term and successful global One Health partnerships, including those in low- and middle- income countries across Africa and South East Asia. We are open to new opportunities to work with partners who share our vision. Scroll down to find out about our world-leading facilities.

Why Edinburgh?

We're ranked 15th in the world1

We’re ranked 4th in the UK for research power2

We have a network of more than 200,000 graduates across the globe

We’re ranked in the top 25 in the world for graduate employability3

We have over 400 live partnerships with institutions in more than 65 countries

Our expertise

We are uniquely placed to make significant advances in One Health, thanks to our world-leading medical and veterinary schools and our expertise in environmental science and other life and social sciences.

Key links:

World class facilities

We offer unique facilities and resources for our researchers. External organisations can also benefit from these:

  • The Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility offers specialist facilities for in-depth studies of all major farmed livestock and large animal models of human diseases. 
  • The National Avian Research Facility provides a national resource for the study of avian biology, genetics, infection and disease.
  • Edinburgh Genomics offers access to the latest genomic sequencing technologies and bioinformatics expertise to support a large and diverse portfolio of scientific research projects from academia and industry.
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Antimicrobial resistance

Addressing the global crisis in antimicrobial resistance is a key focus for our work. We study the epidemiology of AMR locally and globally, as well as the mechanisms in biology, evolution and physics that underpin drug resistance. Our work extends to understanding global governance and stewardship of antibiotics, and influencing policy worldwide. We work with the Fleming Fund Fellowship Scheme to build and strengthen capacity for a One Health approach to AMR surveillance.

Links to find out more:

Edinburgh AMR Forum

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases

The Global Health Academy

Fleming Fund Fellowship Scheme

Conservation and wildlife health

Understanding the complex relationships between animal, human and ecosytem health is vital for preserving the biodiversity of our planet. Our research takes a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, bringing together experts from health sciences, veterinary medicine, ecology and the social sciences. 

Links to find out more:

Conservation Science

Scientist looking at a test tray through glass, wearing blue gloves and protective face wear. © Reptile8488 via Getty Images

Tackling infectious diseases

We tackle the challenges of infectious diseases from bioscience, clinical, veterinary and social science perspectives. We have particular expertise in diseases that spread from people to animals, known as zoonoses.  

Links to find out more:

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases

The Roslin Institute - Control of Infectious Diseases

Tackling Infections to Benefit Africa (TIBA) Partnership

EPIC Scotland - Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks

Face Covering


The University of Edinburgh's community, researchers and experts responded to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic on a local, national and global scale. Our experts provided evidence and advice to governments worldwide and are in high demand from policy makers. We helped to track the spread of the virus, lead clinical trials and investigated new therapies aimed at reducing the severity of disease.

Links to find out more about ongoing research:

Critical aspects of Covid-19 pathogenesis

Pandemic Science Hub

Sustainable agriculture

We promote innovation – including new technologies – to deliver sustainable improvements in complex food-supply systems. Our aim is to drive a transformation towards resilient, healthy, fair and sustainable processes. Our collective strength is in applying systems thinking and data skills to investigate challenges and opportunities in agriculture, food and environmental security.

Links to find out more:

Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

 The Roslin Institute - Genes and Traits for Healthy Animals

Supporting Evidence-Based Interventions initiative

One Health Field Network

Genetics for the future

We study how healthy animals develop and how genetic factors influence the productivity, resilience, efficiency and environmental sustainability of livestock species. We use this knowledge to devise strategies aimed at improving animal performance for the benefit of society, the economy and the animals we rear for food.

Links to find out more:

The Roslin Institute - Genes and Traits for Healthy Animals

The Roslin Institute - Division of Functional Genomics

Genetics and Aquaculture

Centre for Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health

Healthy environment

We build interdisciplinary bridges to better understand and address global environmental challenges. We believe that by fostering excellence in our research and teaching, and by engaging with industry, government and communities we can create positive, practical solutions that make a real and sustainable difference.

Links to find out more:

Edinburgh Earth Initiative

Edinburgh Oceans

Centre for Adapting to Changing Environments

Staff and student analysing data at a computer

Data driven innovation

We are applying data science to develop innovative and financially sustainable models of health and social care that improve lives. We are also generating and collating, in real time, a multitude of local and global data in areas such as veterinary activities, animal genetics, food species genetics, soil condition, weather and market drivers. We work with partners to use this information for the benefit of farmers worldwide but particularly in low and middle income countries.

Links to find out more:

Data-Driven Innovation initiative

Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

The Usher Institute

Supporting Evidence-Based Interventions initiative

Study with us

We aim to inspire lifelong education and training to equip people with the skills to tackle One Health issues through on-campus and online learning opportunities. Our approach focuses on experience, employability and an understanding of the value of creativity, curiosity, and even failure.

Discover your postgraduate or professional course

Hear from our students

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Video: Global Health Academy Summer School
Dr Ruth McQuillan, Programme Director for the University's online Master of Public Health, talks about the annual Global Health Academy One Health Summer School which takes place in Uganda or Rwanda.

Lean about our One Health Summer School, which takes place in Uganda or Rwanda each year.

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