Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society


Our interdisciplinary research themes

Beyond Bodies

beyond bodies
Our Beyond Bodies theme explores how ‘the body’ is understood and transformed through interaction between biomedicine and publics, and between human and health-related technologies

Beyond Data

beyond data
Our Beyond Data theme examines how data are changing the epistemic, social, ethical, legal, and economic relations of biomedicine.

Beyond Disease

beyond disease
Our Beyond Disease theme examines how developments in biomedicine challenge established ideas about particular diseases and raises questions about what counts as disease and how disease fits within society and culture.

Beyond Engagement

Beyond Engagement
Our Beyond Engagement theme critically examines different approaches of public engagement with science, biomedicine, and governance

Beyond Global

Our Beyond Global theme explores how inequalities in power and resources affect the geographical and social distribution of health and illness and the development and implementation of health interventions across the globe.

Beyond Regulation

lady justice
Our Beyond Regulation theme seeks to understand and develop responsible and responsive regulatory approaches to healthcare and medical practice.

Beyond Sex

beyond sex
Our Beyond Sex theme explores how and where sexual and reproductive rights and social justice intersect with biomedicine, health and wellbeing by paying attention to bodies, illness, technologies and mobilities.

Cross Theme

graphs and charts
Our research crosses themes and disciplines