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The Global Health Academy is proud to have co-hosted this event with the Edinburgh Futures Institute on Tuesday, 2 March 2021.

Experts from around the world shared their perspectives of the pandemic – exploring how to change and reshape public health systems to transform outcomes. Contributors included Dr Anthony Fauci, Dr Nanshan Zhong, Professor Sheila Tlou and Chelsea Clinton. We are using insights from this event to draft a 'Declaration of Principles'.

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New resource examining the relationship between the rule of law and health crises, focusing in particular on the present crisis (COVID-19) and identifying lessons for future pandemic preparedness.

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Featured Resource: Report calls for a single, all-encompassing international legal mechanism to protect children in armed conflict.

Working to elevate and strengthen the influence and impact of nurses and nurse communities around the world. A collaboration between the Global Health Academy and Nursing Studies.

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"Compassion is the glue that holds the SDGs together" - Liz Grant

The SDGs, compassion and planetary health are vital and interconnected domains relevant to all aspects of University life.

Deepening our understanding of the science, embedding and measuring of compassion – so we organise in ways that meet the world’s greatest challenges.

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Watch videos featuring University staff's contributions to this Congress: Recognising how interconnected humans, plants, animals and our environment are and the importance of a One Health approach. 

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Assistant Principal Prof Liz Grant, Director of the Global Health Academy reflects on the current Global Health crisis and issues a call for collective and caring action

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Learn about Planetary Health and how we are contributing.


Crossing global health boundaries, our work is innovative and interdisciplinary


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Explore global health post graduate opportunities from across the University of Edinburgh

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Developing a sustainable programme of cervical cancer screening in rural Malawi

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