Global Health Academy

SDGs and Compassion

At every level we are committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. Compassion is the glue that holds these goals together. Our Global Academies provide multi-disciplinary responses to advancing global issues.

Finding solutions to global challenges

As people living on a shared planet we face a vast number of ‘wicked problems’. As a University, we want to address these great challenges and make the world a better place. By adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the Global Academies work to support students, staff and communities to tackle global challenges and work towards solutions.

Interconnected responses

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), compassion and planetary health are interconnected domains relevant to all aspects of University life: learning, teaching, research and innovation, our culture and how we organise.

This section provdes you with an overview of these domains as well as links to further information.


The SDGs and why they matter to us

The SDGs provide a structure for us as a University to contribute into the larger global response, in ways that are both measurable and collective.

Compassion and the SDGs

"Compassion is the glue that holds the SDGs together" - Liz Grant
We need science as well as compassion to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals.

Compassion in action #Compassion4theSDGs

A number of children standing in a line looking directly at the camera
Compassion underpins the SDGs. Throughout 2023 we are launching 17 new resources and a series of events to support practical action to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

World days 2023

An infographic displaying icons for various "world days" such as "Earth Day" "Women's Day", etc.
Our #Compassion4theSDGs project is running throughout 2023. Through a series of resources, social media activity and events we highlight how compassion is integral to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.