Global Health Academy


A range of reports, webinars and other material developed to support efforts to address global and planetary health challenges.

The Path to 2030: Achieving the SDGs for Children Living in Conflict

Afghan boy with SDG symbols and the words 'A Children in Conflict resource'
A resource showing the impact, progress and change needed in relation to each of the SDGs for children living in conflict, and mapping the path forward for achieving the goals.

Protecting Children in Armed Conflict

Small boy looking up at the camera
Report – launched on the first International Day to Protect Education from Attack – calls for a single, all-encompassing international legal mechanism to protect children in armed conflict.

The Rule of Law in Times of Health Crises

Statue of scales of justice woman with COVID-19 mask and gloves
Examining the relationship between the rule of law and health crises, focusing in particular on the present crisis (COVID-19) and identifying lessons for future pandemic preparedness.

World One Health Congress 2020: A blueprint for a One Health nation

farm scene with sheep being herded at sunset
The University of Edinburgh organised a special session at the 2020 World One Health Congress with contributions from University staff. (Video recordings available).

Journal of Global Health

The Journal of Global Health is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Edinburgh University Global Health Society, a not-for-profit organization registered in the UK.


A selection of historic presentations, reports and papers highlighting some of the work undertaken by members of the Global Health Academy to address specific global health challenges.