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World One Health Congress 2020: A blueprint for a One Health nation

The University of Edinburgh organised a special session at the 2020 World One Health Congress with contributions from University staff. (Video recordings available).

farm scene with sheep being herded at sunset

We were delighted to be support the World One Health Congress (#WOHC2020) – an event that recognises how interconnected humans, plants, animals and our environment are and the importance of a One Health approach.

The special session entitled ‘A blueprint for a One Health nation’ was delivered by four of our university staff on 30 October 2020.  Below is further information with links to the recordings. (Recordings facilitated by SEFARI the Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes, one of the supporters of this event). 

One Health - What is One Health?

Professor Lisa Boden (Chair of Population Medicine and Veterinary Health Policy, Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security at the University of Edinburgh) Introducing the concept of One Health: how the health of people, animals and the environment interconnect.

One Health - What do Scots want for the future of food and farming?

Professor Lee Innes (Director of Communication at Moredun Research Institute) "Some hae meat and cannae eat, and some wad eat that want it."

One Health - Generation Alpha and One Health

Professor Liz Grant (Director, Global Health Academy at the University of Edinburgh) Generation Alpha: what skills, training and technology will they need to equip them for One Health.

One Health - Approaches to emergent infections under climate change and threats to biodiversity

Professor Rowland Kao (Chair of Veterinary Epidemiology and Data Science at the University of Edinburgh) discussing One Health approaches to emergent infections under climate change and threats to biodiversity.


Interviews were conducted by Simon Cousins.


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