The Future of Health

Held on 2 March 2021, the first event in the Edinburgh Futures Conversations series saw experts from around the world share their perspectives of the pandemic and explore how to change and reshape public health systems to transform outcomes.

Fauci, Tlou, Zhong

The opening session, Global conversations, featured leading infectious diseases expert Dr Anthony Fauci - chief medical advisor to the Biden Administration - and top respiratory diseases expert Dr Nanshan Zhong - who led investigations into the COVID-19 outbreak in China. The session was chaired by Professor Sheila Tlou, Co-Chair of the Nursing Now Global Campaign, and former Botswanan Minister of Health.

Other speakers at the event included:

  • Professor Devi Sridhar (The University of Edinburgh)
  • Chelsea Clinton (Global Health Advocate)
  • Professor Shannon Vallor (The University of Edinburgh)
  • Sarah Brown (Chair of Theirworld and Executive Chair of the Global Business Coalition for Education)
  • Hon Mark Dybal (Co-Director of the Center for Global Health Practice and Impact and Professor in the Department of Medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center)

Seminar videos

Content of the event sessions including running order, videos and synopsis.

Speaker bios

Speakers in the Future of Health event.

Declaration of Principles

Towards a New Paradigm for Future - The Edinburgh Futures Conversations, 2nd March 2021.

Student Leaders Programme

Students from the University of Edinburgh were at the heart of the Edinburgh Futures Conversations, with more than 400 students attending the 2 March 2021 event.