Edinburgh Futures Conversations

The University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) present a series of events to promote global understanding and cooperation, and to contribute action-oriented thinking to the public debate about the world’s response to Covid-19.

Edinburgh Futures Conversations

The global pandemic demonstrates the need for international cooperation and mutual understanding to solve the many threats that our planet is facing today. Universities have a vital role to play in bringing diverse and competing interests to the table, as well as providing research evidence. The Edinburgh Futures Institute is proud to host these conversations on behalf of the University of Edinburgh.

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The Future Economy

Held on 12 October 2021, the second event in the Edinburgh Futures Conversations Series saw experts from around the world explore the systemic nature of the risks we are facing and the dependency between the components of systems for the future economy.

The Future of Health

Fauci, Tlou, Zhong
Held on 2 March 2021, the first event in the Edinburgh Futures Conversations series saw experts from around the world share their perspectives of the pandemic and explore how to change and reshape public health systems to transform outcomes.

Student Leaders Programme

EFI has also created a student programme alongside the Conversations – bringing students from across the University together to examine the role that they and their institution have in nurturing a multi-sector approach to collective action. Students are leading the call to take responsibility for catalysing changes, for being part of the great reset that needs to frame new social contracts that care about the human family, and the global commons. 

The Edinburgh Futures Institute

A major strategic initiative of the University of Edinburgh, EFI is tackling the world’s biggest challenges with new approaches to learning, teaching, research and collaboration. 

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