Global Health Academy

Commonwealth Scholarships for Distance Learning

New scholarships announced for students to advance their global health learning

Delighted we will be welcoming new students in September 2021 through the Commonwealth Scholarships programmme.

Our Global Health Academy team secured 20 scholarships – 5 for 'Global Health Innovation' and 15 for 'One Health, One Medicine'.

Global Health Innovation Scholarships

This cluster of programmes has established a platform for healthcare workforce development, working with several global partner universities, healthcare industry partners and development agencies. It directly contributes to communal action and working across silos.

One Health, One Medicine Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh has a longstanding partnership with Makerere University in delivering training in One Health. The partnership has designed a suite of Masters programmes tailored to the One Health approach, which delivers practical holistic solutions to overcome the health and disease constraints that impact on human, animal and ecosystem health and animal productivity. This work is informing United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation and United Nations World Health Organisation approaches to One Health in East and Southern Africa, and many other developing nations.


As part of the University’s commitment to Global and One Health, two of the clusters have led a combined Summer School with two partner universities in Uganda and Rwanda for the last 10 years. These Summer Schools are places of inspiration, where students from MSc programmes including Family Medicine, Public Health, Infectious Diseases, Animal Health, Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health come together to share training, learn new ways to manage data, and integrate data across different disciplines.

The Summer Schools with their focus on the interdependence of the health of people, animals and the planet have changed student and faculty thinking about problems. No longer are challenges sector driven, and sector solved. Instead through the pooling of new approaches from the different MSc programmes we have been able to think about alternative responses, and been able to better understand that the future of health will lie in leveraging the leadership of these brilliant Commonwealth funded students.

Professor Liz Grant