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Edinburgh Antimicrobial Resistance Forum

The Edinburgh Antimicrobial Resistance Forum showcases and connects partners who are interested in AMR in Edinburgh to foster innovative multi-disciplinary research and collaboration.

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Tackling AMR in Edinburgh

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is increasingly recognised as one of the greatest threats to global healthcare. Research across the Edinburgh AMR Forum is contributing solutions to beat this urgent problem.

Edinburgh research themes in Antimicrobial Resistance

Find out about the research themes and outputs across the Edinburgh AMR Forum.

Fleming Fund Fellowship Schemes in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases is working with Fleming Fund fellows from Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and Kenya to build capacity for surveillance of AMR

OECD-CRP symposium on AMR in Livestock Production in a One Health Context

The OECD-CRP Symposium on AMR in Livestock Production in a One Health Context was held in Edinburgh on 22-24 May 2023.

Get Connected - seminars and activities

Keep connected with the Edinburgh AMR Forum through our seminar series, follow us on Twitter or get in touch by email.