Centre for Adapting to Changing Environments
Planet Earth

Both natural and human induced changes are altering our environment at an unprecedented rate. These changes are having profound effects on our planet, its biodiversity, our health and our ability to live in a sustainable and equitable way.

We operate to bring together diverse expertise to address how populations can adapt effectively to our changing environment.

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We bring together over 100 different research groups and a network of professional research staff.

circle of laptops during our collaborations

A friendly, interdisciplinary community of early career researchers.

Students in a workshop

Opportunities providing a world-class training in the environmental sciences.

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The latest news from the centre.

Staff and students in our social space called The Darwin Dancehall.

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The Sustainable Development Goals

The process of adaption is key to our sustainable development goals.

Useful resources for Centre members to support with collaboration.


We work closely with other key networks and organisations.