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Early Career Network

Our network for Early Career Researchers helps build links and opportunities across our partnership.

What do we do?

Our Early Career Network is a friendly, interdisciplinary community of PhD students, post-docs, research associates, assistants and fellows. We come from a range of academic backgrounds but all share an academic interest in environmental change and the consequences this has for ecosystems and society.  

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Our network provides ECRs with opportunities to expand both their peer support and academic networks. We organise both informal and formal events and workshops aimed at offering support and advice on different stages of career development. From social events to expand your network, to workshops on grant and fellowship writing, career events with colleagues from inside and outside academia. Or perhaps you have an idea about what else you might find useful? Let us know and we will try to help. 

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Early Career Network Blog

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Articles from our ECR community sharing outlooks, experiences and tips.

Policy Mentorship scheme

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