Sharing things

Sharing things: season one assortment. All the guests and some of the conversations.

To prepare for the launch of season two on Thursday 9 April 2020, we've gathered together everyone from season one in a bumper special edition of Sharing things.

If you haven’t listened before, this assortment of conversational gems is a great way to welcome 20 new people into your life. If you are already a subscriber, then what better way to limber up for season two.

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Who's who?

Headshots of all season one guests
Left to right, top to bottom: season one guests in the order they appear in the assortment.

Just in case voice recognition isn’t your thing, our season one assortment features (in order):

  • Martha Greenbank and Julia Calvert
  • Rosie Taylor and Melanie Reid
  • Anne Miller and Hadrien Espiard
  • Beth Fellows and Catherine Wilson
  • Beth Christie and Udita Banerjee
  • Ross Nixon and Catherine Rayner
  • Geoff Palmer and David Gray
  • Lori Watson and Russell Jones
  • Srishti Chaudhary and Abrisham Ahmadzadeh
  • Prince Chakanyuka and Kezia Dugdale

About Sharing things

Each episode of Sharing things is a conversation between two members of our university community. It could be a student, a member of staff or a graduate, the only thing they have in common at the beginning is Edinburgh. We start with an object. A special, treasured or significant item that we have asked each guest to bring to the conversation. What happens next is sometimes funny, sometimes moving and always unexpected.

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