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1.5 Srishti and Abrisham

In this episode, guests Srishti Chaudhary and Abrisham Ahmadzadeh talk about writing, creativity, dangerous women, bucket lists and more.

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Shristi's coat and Abrisham's notebook.

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About our guests

Srishti Chaudhary 

Chosen object: a coat

Srishti Chaudhary is a writer and studied Creative Writing at the University. Prior to this, she studied English Literature from Lady Shri Ram College at the University of Delhi. Her debut fiction novel, 'Once upon a Curfew' was released in April 2019.

Prior to the release of her debut novel, Srishti had a series of short stories published by Juggernaut Books and the Glasgow Review of Books.

Currently, Srishti is a writing platform editor at Juggernaut Books and finds herself organising writing workshops, reading the work of aspiring and debut authors and editing stories. Srishti’s work allows her to form communities of writers and engage them with the world of writing that she loves so much.

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Abrisham Ahmadzadeh

Chosen object: a notebook

Abrisham Ahmadzadeh is a Classical Studies student entering her fourth year. Alongside her studies she is working on the launch of 'Dangerous Women', a book that answers the question, "What does it mean to be a dangerous woman?" Her dangerous female idol is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and she is inspired by other female figures such as Audre Lorde and Aretha Franklin.

On her year abroad in Sweden at Lund University, Abrisham worked alongside a team of writers and editors at the Association of Foreign Affairs, publishing a quarterly magazine.

Whilst studying, Abrisham continues to pursue her interests in journalism and communications, working as the Gender and Sexuality Communications intern at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH). She likes camping and singing and spends too much time arguing.

Dangerous Women Project on Unbound

Abi and Srishti's podcast recording in progress
The podcast being recorded.


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