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1.1 Prince and Kezia

In this episode, guests Prince Chakanyuka and Kezia Dugdale talk about staple diets, bringing diversity to politics, Gordon Aikman, childhood and more.

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A mugoti (cooking spoon) and Gordon Aikman's public campaign award
A mugoti cooking stick and Gordon Aikman's award.

About our guests

Prince Chakanyuka

Chosen object: Mugoti, wooden cooking stick

Prince Chakanyuka is not just a student - he is an innovator, entrepreneur and community engager. Originally from Zimbabwe, Prince is now about to embark on his final year at the University studying BSc (Hons) Medicinal and Biological Chemistry. He was drawn to Edinburgh because he was offered a full scholarship through the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program.

His passions lie with celebrating, encouraging and empowering other young people as innovators of change. Because of this he co-founded Up’a’Step, a platform that encourages students going up a step in their communities by sharing student-related content and videos, tips for student entrepreneurs and career advice. Along with this impressive achievement, Prince is also a Student Ambassador, Student Caller and on the MasterCard Foundation Scholars’ Research Fund Committee and the Executive Director of Chashi Foods, Zimbabwe's 1st sun-dried tomatoes brand.

Up’a’Step Facebook page

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

Chashi Foods

Kezia Dugdale

Chosen object: Gordon Aikman's Public Campaign of the Year award

Born in Aberdeen, Kezia Dugdale has studied both Law at the University of Aberdeen and Policy Studies at the University of Edinburgh. She became involved in politics at an early age, working as Welfare Officer for Edinburgh University Students’ Association and Public Affairs Officer for the National Union of Students.

Kezia's dedication to politics didn’t stop there. She continued her political journey by running campaigns for Labour by serving as an election agent before she put herself forward as a regional candidate for the Lothians. She quickly rose through the ranks of the party, becoming Labour’s deputy leader in 2014 and Scottish Labour leader in 2015.

Despite quitting the Scottish Labour Party Leadership in August 2017, she has not left her commitment to public service. She currently serves as the Director of the John Smith Centre for Public Service at the University of Glasgow.

Kezia Dugdale on Twitter

John Smith Centre for Public Service at the University of Glasgow

Prince Chakanyuka, host Amalie Sortland and Kezia Dugdale at the podcast episode recording.
Prince, host Amalie and Kezia in the recording studio.


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