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1.6 Anne and Hadrien

In this episode, Anne Miller and Hadrien Espiard talk about must-dos in Edinburgh, Starbucks and the CIA, internet wormholes, weird knowledge and more. 

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A copy of Edinburgh City Guide 2009 and a painting including the words 'Lists & other things'
Anne's Edinburgh City Guide and Hadrien's painting.

About our guests

Anne Miller

Chosen object: Edinburgh City Guide 2019

Edinburgh graduate Anne Miller is among the 15 researchers — known as Elves — who devise questions for the BBC panel quiz show QI.

Anne (aka Tartan Elf) studied sociology and politics at Edinburgh. Upon graduating in 2009, she got onto the talent scheme The Network, run by the Edinburgh International Television Festival. Later, while working as a researcher on a different programme, Anne's mentor introduced her to people at QI and she began sending them unusual facts to build up a relationship. You can’t apply to be an Elf. Candidates for the role are approached in true MI5 style because of their weird and wonderful knowledge. This happened to Anne, as she joined QI at the age of 23 after impressing as an intern.

Anne is also a producer on Radio 4’s Museum of Curiosity, a panel show in which three distinguished guests donate fascinating exhibits to a vast imaginary museum.

Anne Miller on Twitter

Hadrien Espiard

Chosen object: a painting for a podcast

While raised in Montreal, Hadrien Espiard moved across the Atlantic to pursue his dream of becoming an environmental lawyer at the University of Edinburgh. Here he joined the Edinburgh University North American Society (EUNAS) to help fellow North American students settle into Edinburgh’s student life and engage them in networking and social activities. He has since risen through the ranks and will serve as Co-President of the biggest student society at the University in 2019/20.

In addition to his new presidential duties, Hadrien engages in climbing, running and cooking. Like a true Canadian, he prefers being outdoors and says "thank you" when he gets off the bus.

Edinburgh University North American Society Facebook page

Anne, Hadrien and host Amalie at the podcast recording session
Anne, Amalie and Hadrien recording the podcast.


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